Smart content.

Happy users.

Engaged team.

Let's bring it all together. We're a content strategy and user experience consultancy that will change the way you communicate with customers.

Consulting & Research

When your content works, your business just runs better.

We get it. Content can really stress a team out: there’s too much, or it’s not mobile-ready, or your users don’t understand it. Take a deep breath. We’ll help you define your story, uncover opportunities, and design a user experience that brings your vision to life.


We talk to real people to understand what users need, and how your business can deliver.


We’ll audit what you have, how it works, and where it is—pinpointing problems and opportunities.


Our guided process turns all those insights into clear, actionable plans that put users first.


We’ll build a roadmap, design content models and systems, and build and train your team.

Workshops & Training

Gain skills, alignment, and momentum.

We love workshops—and your team will, too. Our curricula are designed to kickstart your projects, engage stakeholders in decision-making, and provide training to teams of all types. Half-day, full-day, or multi-day sessions available.



About Rare Union

We help great organizations solve messy content problems.

Sara Wachter-Boettcher
Principal: Sara Wachter-Boettcher

Rare Union is led by Sara Wachter-Boettcher, a content strategy expert, author, and speaker who has worked on the web since 2005. Since launching her consultancy in 2011, she’s led projects and facilitated workshops for Fortune 100 corporations, education and research institutions, and both B2B and consumer startups. She lives in Philadelphia, but she’s still not quite sure she’s saying jawn correctly.

Extended team

Rare Union calls on a short list of partners to augment projects when and where they’re needed—including user researchers, information architects, and writers. You’ll love them, we promise.

Our Books

Get your copies of Sara Wachter-Boettcher's books on design and content strategy.
Design for Real Life

A Book Apart, 2016

Learn to design for humans, in all their complexity.

Buy a copy
Content Everywhere

Rosenfeld Media, 2012

Design mobile-ready content systems and whip your CMS into shape.

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